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picspam: underground (for scifiland)

This was created for scifiland's current challenge where you're to create your own sci-fi show. I've had this idea for a while, but not as detailed, so I went with it.

It's 2215 and the world has moved underground. Two centuries ago a deadly virus travelling through the air spread across the earth, turning a population on 9 billion people into 3 billion in less than a year. Desperate attempts to find a cure were made but they quickly realized that it could take years - years which they didn't have. As their last way out, the governments around the world created entire cities underground and shutting the infected air out.

Eventually, scientists in every city all came to the same conclusion – this isolation would only work for so long and they needed another solution. After years of research and zero luck, a man by the name of Christopher Evans came up with an absurd theory, but a theory nevertheless. Basically, he suggested that the only way to survive a virus that feeds on life was to become undead. An immortal. The only problem was, to stay immortal – you would have to drink blood.

Ten years later, every human being had been turned and the underground world was now made up off vampires. 3 billion vampires, all wanting the same thing – human blood. An illegal substance only used as a pharmacutical drug. According to the law, the only form of nutrition allowed is animal blood. But a law is meant to be broken, right?

Underground follows Ivory Le Rouge, a bounty hunter sanctioned by the CIA to track down fugitives guilty of dealing human blood. Her brother Darius is a special agent at the CIA who lives with his girlfriend Alex Faust, a bartender with a mysterious past which even her closest are unaware of.


Ivory Le Rouge (Bounty Hunter), portrayed by Danneel Harris
Ivory is an energetic 118-year old with a confidence most would kill for. After growing up with an absent mother, both she and her brother Darius have trouble trusting almost anyone. She had just begun to feel secure in her work and managed to form relationships with her co-workers, when one of the fugitives she was sent to find seemed not only innocent, but completely uncapable to fend for himself. She considers herself to be a good judge of character and never had she seen such fear as she did in the this man when the FBI brought him in. She decides to dig a little deeper than she usually does and within a week her apartment has been raided and her phone has been bugged. She begins to notice a change of atmosphere at work and everything tells her that she's in danger.

Darius Le Rouge (Officer at FBI), portrayed by Thomas Dekker
For a 125-year old, Darius has more baggage than anyone should ever have to carry. This has caused him to put up a shield between him and the rest of the world which only opens for his sister and his long-time girlfriend Alex Faust. Through his sister, he managed to land a job at the FBI and after years of hard work he's faught his way up and is now an officer, specializing in drug related crimes.

Alex Faust (Bartender), portrayed by Alona Tal
No one truly knows about Alex's history, or that she even has one. In fact, Alex isn't even her real name. In 2110, Alex became involved with a group of people that ruined her entire life, she was given a new chance and a new identity to secure her safety. The person she is now, the 126-year old bartender in a committed relationship is the person Alex wants to be. But when she's suddenly threathened by one of her customers, she starts to believe her past has caught up with her. But then Ivory claims that someone is after her and Alex's life becomes more complicated than it already was.

Charley Morvant (Director of FBI), portrayed by Lee Pace
Mr. Morvant is a man of many talents. But none which anyone would really appreciate if they weren't looking to pull a fraud on their country's entire population. Mr. Morvant claims to be a good man with good intentions, but sending an assassin to kill your own wife isn't that nice, is it? Of course, the public only believes him to be a husband mourning his departed wife with his country's best in mind. Nobody knows his age, like many other aspects of him.

Isabel Norwood (Assistant of Charley Morvant), portrayed by Nina Dobrev
Isabel Norwood is a 200-year old in a girl's body. In a world where no one ages and no one is born, the age tends to be just a number. In this case, two centuries hasn't actually done much to Isabel, she's still the superficial girl trying to find herself, but most importantly - she looks good while doing it.
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