Lina (eatwe) wrote,

i was born to survive

I don't know if you've noticed, but I haven't been on here for around a month, except to update my scrapbook now and then. I feel like I've moved on to Tumblr and right now, I can't juggle both accounts. It's too much for me.

I'm going to stay on Tumblr for now because it's bringing me so much positivity and I feel really liked over there. I reached 100 followers the other day! In just a month. I can easily just make graphics for the fun of it and people actually notice them.

I love everyone of you on here and I'd love for you to come over to Tumblr as well, if you haven't already. At first it might seem a bit overwhelming but you quickly get into the rhythm of everything! If you do have an account, follow me and let me know in my askbox! I'm firecracks.

I'm still doing my modly duties over at spnfemmeslashbb until this round is over, by the way.

I miss all of you!

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